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  1. Check-in for all teams will begin an hour prior to the start of the tournament, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Tournaments will begin promptly at the time specified at registration, unless otherwise noted.
  3. Teams and player rosters will be confirmed prior to each tournament.
  4. If a game ends by mercy rule a 5 min clock will be set and each team will need to be present before the clock reaches zero.
  5. No substitutions will be allowed after the final roster is submitted.
  6. Teams must consist of at least six players. Teams may have up to 10 players on a roster at a time-six on the field, with up to four substitutes.
  7. Teams must provide their own jerseys and wear the colors submitted at registration. Failure to do so may result in a forfeit of game.
  8. Participants must bring their own flag belts and mouth guards to the tournament.Extras will can be provided for a fee.
  9. All players must wear flag belts while on the playing fields.
  10. Game footballs will be provided.
  11. Only one head coach and one assistant coach will be allowed on the sidelines during game.


Any information submitted, deemed inaccurate, may result in that team becoming disqualified from the event.


  1. A coin toss determines first possession
  2. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to start a game. In the case of an injury during the game and no substitutions remaining, a team may proceed with 5 players.
  3. All drives and change of possessions will begin at the 5-yard line(except on interceptions) and have 3 plays to cross midfield. Once a team crosses midfield, it has 3 plays to score a touchdown. If the offense fails to score, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team takes over the ball at its own 5-yard line.


  1. Games consist of (2) 15 minute halves, with (1) min. halftime. Straight time with continuous clock.Stop/Go clock last minute of game only
  2. Each team is allowed (1) 30-second Time Out per game.
  3. In the case of a tie at the end of regulation play. First team to score in overtime play will determine game winner.
  4. Each time the ball is spotted, a team has 10 seconds to snap the ball or a Delay of Game penalty will be assessed.
  5. Officials can NOT stop the clock in tournament play. Even injuries have a running clock.Only time outs will stop the clock.
  6. MERCY RULE:21 points with two minutes to play in the game ends the game.


  1. Touchdown - 6 points
  2. Extra point - 1 point (played from the 5-yard line) or 2 points (played from the red line)
  3. Safety - 2 points
  4. Interception return on extra point or 2 pt conversion - 2 points


  1. Only direct handoffs behind the line of scrimmage are permitted. Offense may use multiple handoffs.
    Laterals are allowed beyond the line of scrimmage.
  2. "No-running zones" located 5 yards in front of the end zone and 5 yards in front of the midfield line.
  3. All players are eligible to run, including the QB except in the "No-running zone".
  4. Once the ball has been handed off, all defensive players are eligible to rush.
  5. Spinning is allowed but Diving is not.
  6. The ball is spotted where the ball is, not the player's foot.


  1. All players are eligible to receive a pass.
  2. Only one player is allowed in motion at a time.


  1. Interceptions are the only changes of possession that do not start on the 5-yard line.
  2. Interceptions can be returned and series begin at the spot of the flag pulled.

Dead Balls

  1. The ball must be snapped between the legs, not off to one side, to start play.
  2. Substitutions may be made on any dead ball.
  3. Play is ruled dead when:

  4. Ball carrier's flag is pulled.
  5. Ball carrier touches any part of the wall or net.
  6. Touchdown or safety is scored.
  7. The football or ball carrier's knee hits the ground.
  8. If player's flag falls off without being pulled, then play is dead when player is touched.
  9. NO FUMBLES. The ball is spotted where the ball hits the ground.

Rushing the Quarterback

  1. All players who rush the passer must be a minimum of 5 yards from the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped.The referee will walk off this distance and stand along the sideline (or place marker) for the designated spot. Any number of players can rush the quarterback.Players not rushing the quarterback may defend on the line of scrimmage.
  2. Once the ball is handed off, the 5-yard rule no longer is in effect and all defenders may go behind the line of scrimmage.The referee will designate 5 yards from the line of scrimmage.
  3. NO CONTACT is allowed while blocking at the line of scrimmage. Blockers may screen block at the line of scrimmage, but Absolutely NO CONTACT. The blockers cannot move into the "rusher".
  4. Down field blocking is allowed.
  5. Contact with the QB's arm while throwing a pass will result in roughing the passer.


  1. If the referee witnesses any acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blocking, or any un-sportsmanlike act, the game will be stopped and the player will be given one warning.Any more such behavior will result in ejection from the game.The league director, upon recommendation from the referees, may assign a one game suspension.
  2. Officials have the right to determine offensive language.
  3. Trash talking that is offensive to either the referee, the other players, or the spectators will not be tolerated.A warning will be given for one infraction; any more will result in an ejection.


  1. The referee will call all penalties.The non-offending team can decline penalties.
  2. Defense:
  3. Offsides - 5 yards, from line of scrimmage, and automatic first down
  4. Interference - 10 yards, from line of scrimmage, and automatic first down (will be called if contact between the defender and the receiver happens before the ball arrives and is more than just incidental)
  5. Illegal contact (holding, blocking, contact with QB's arm, etc.) - 10 yards, from line of scrimmage, and automatic first down.
  6. Illegal flag pull (before receiver has ball) - 10 yards, from end of run, and automatic first down.
  7. Illegal rushing (start rush from inside 7 yards, using hands to force a blocker out of the way to reach the QB) - 10 yards, from line of scrimmage, and automatic first down.
  8. Face guarding (blocking receiver's vision while trying to catch ball - defender must look back at ball to avoid penalty) - 10 yards from line of scrimmage, replay the down.
  9. Unsportsmanlike Conduct (personal foul, foul language, unnecessary temper flaring, spiking ball, taunting opposing players, etc.) - 15 yards from line of scrimmage, automatic first down.
  10. Offense:
  11. Illegal motion (more than one person moving, false start, etc.) - dead ball, 5 yards, from line of scrimmage.
  12. Illegal forward pass (pass received behind line of scrimmage) - 5 yards, from line of scrimmage, and loss of down.
  13. Illegal forward lateral (forward pitch once beyond the line of scrimmage) - 10 yards, from the spot, and loss of down.
  14. Offensive pass interference (illegal pick play, pushing off/away defender) - 10 yards, from line of scrimmage, and loss of down.
  15. Illegal blocking (use of hands/arms to deter a defender from reaching the quarterback) - 5 yards, from line of scrimmage, and loss of down.
  16. Flag guarding (ball carrier deliberately prevents defender from pulling flag) - 10 yards from the spot, and loss of down.
  17. Delay of game - 5 yards, from line of scrimmage.
  18. Unsportsmanlike Conduct (personal foul, foul language, unnecessary temper flaring, spiking ball, taunting opposing players, etc.) - 15 yards from line of scrimmage and loss of down.
  19. Flag attached illegally (tied in knot, etc.) - Automatic Tournament Ejection.


  1. All teams must have their own single color jerseys with numbers.Jerseys/shirts must be worn and tucked in at all times.
  2. NO POCKETS allowed on shorts or pants.Player will not be eligible for play.
  3. Players must wear shoes. Cleats are allowed, however, cleats with exposed metal are not allowed and must be removed.
  4. Players may tape their forearms, hand and fingers. Players may wear gloves, elbow pads, and kneepads. Braces with exposed metals are not allowed.
  5. Players must remove all jewelry, hats and dew rags.
  6. Players' jerseys must be tucked in to the pants, if they hang below the belt line.
  7. Pants or shorts that have pockets are prohibited.

In case of a rainout, games will be rescheduled for at a later date. Participants will be given 24 hours to request a refund if they decide not to participate in the tournament at the new date. An announcement will be made on if a tournament is cancelled due to the weather. Participants may also call 1-866-585-4321 ext.101 for tournament cancellation info.